About Us


“Atelier” is a French word, known throughout the world and correctly translated as “workplace of craftsmen”, therefore a laboratory.

“Vino” is an Italian word, known all over the world, and here it represents the object of study, research and passion, as well as the soul of this project.

If the beauty of Italy lies in the great works it houses, before everyone's eyes, its treasure is not so easy to find.

Speaking of wine, there is nothing more true!

"Ateliervino" is the research laboratory for rare wines and hidden winemakers, who work in harmony with nature, respecting it, who take care and love their wine like a child and who represent the true treasure of Italian wine heritage.

The import is exclusive and is aimed directly at the Swiss market: wine merchants, restaurants, distributors, but also private customers interested in purchasing quality wines, the fruit of research and selection, which represent the authenticity of Italian wine.


Maria Elena is the founder.

It was born in a small village in the Marche hills, vintage 1991.

Always passionate about wine, explorer and taster.

Graduated in International Relations then in Marketing and Communication, she is a competent Sommelier and recognized, in Italy, by the Italian Association of Sommeliers and, in Switzerland, by the Swiss Association of Professional Sommeliers.

She is at the heart of the project but also provides training in the oenological field through tasting courses and friendly events.

Behind his research, there are essential values: passion, enthusiasm, positivity and professionalism.

And love, of course.